How to find your water pressure:

  1. Type your address into the search bar. Make sure to include Lake Havasu City, Arizona.
  2. The program will automatically zoom into your house area. Find the red-orange fire hydrant symbols. You may have to zoom out a bit or pan around to find the hydrants. Click on nearby fire hydrants (maybe at either end of your street). Write down both numbers.
  3. Average the two numbers.
  4. Voila! That is your approximate water pressure! If your pressure is over 60, you should check to make sure your regulator is working properly on a regular basis with a pressure gauge. Please remember that the city has several pressure zones and if you see a great difference between nearby hydrant pressures (hydrants uphill from a pressure boundary will have very high pressures whereas hydrants downhill from the boundary have low pressures), then the pressure boundary is near your house. The above calculation will not be valid. Please make note of your pressure zone on this map to tell where you are relative to a boundary.
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