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First-Ever Colorado River Day Celebrated

Excerpt: It was 91 years ago this week that the "Grand" River was renamed the "Colorado." States that rely on the Colorado for drinking water and economic benefits marked the occasion on Wednesday by celebrating the first-ever Colorado River Day.

Excerpt: "We need to recognize the importance of this river to not only the whole state of Arizona but to the City of Phoenix in particular, because the CAP - the Central Arizona Project - is such an important source of water."

Excerpt: Arizona has already done a lot to conserve water, Stitzer says, especially for agricultural uses. However, she is concerned Arizonans might be experiencing conservation fatigue.

"There's sort of a feeling that 'we've already done all this conservation, what more can we do?'. But we've seen per-capita rates - they're dropping by 1 percent a year. So there's certainly savings that can be had by stepping up our water conservation program."