Topic: Water Conservation

Keyword: Graywater


UCI researcher urges better use of repurposed water

Excerpt: A recent article by a UC Irvine researcher argues that more of the water that normally runs off into storm drains should be repurposed and used to water plants and flush toilets.

Lead author Stanley Grant said so-called graywater and wastewater from washing dishes or showering, and rainwater that normally runs into storm drains, can be used at times when using water of drinkable quality is not required.

Reusing graywater can reduce a household's water consumption and its bill by 50% or more, he said.

Excerpt: Locally, the Mesa Consolidated Water District, which serves Costa Mesa, parts of Newport Beach, John Wayne Airport and the Orange County Fairgrounds, provides rebates for smart irrigation and makes house calls for those interested in saving water around their home, according to Communications Manager Stacy Taylor.

It also boasts one of the highest rates of consumer water conservation in the county, she said.

"As part of the district's mission, [Mesa Water] supports developing local and reliable sources of water, including groundwater treatment, recycled water and conservation," Taylor said. "Becoming more efficient with how we use water today is a key component to maintaining a reliable water supply for tomorrow."