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Shops at Lake Havasu awarded for water conservation

Excerpt: By revamping their landscaping with more desert-loving plants, The Shops at Lake Havasu has cut its water consumption by 42 percent since 2014.

Excerpt: The Shops had previously hired a landscaping company from Las Vegas to bring in plants to go around the mall. Staff soon discovered the temperature difference between Vegas and Havasu meant quite a bit to the plants, many of which wilted and struggled. Over the past few months, many plants have been replaced and metal sculptures are being incorporated to help fill in the landscaping.

Excerpt: The Shops was recognized by Mayor Mark Nexsen and members of the Water Division in a small ceremony Wednesday. Nexsen presented Michelle Misurelli, The Shops’ property manager, and Mark Sinek, The Shops’ operations manager, with a certificate of recognition for their water conservation efforts.

Museum Water Exhibit Gets A Makeover

Excerpt: The museum gathered pertinent water conservation, usage, history, etc., information including art, graphics and more to provide for panels to be created and installed in the exhibit.

Excerpt: This grant makes it possible to educate and encourage water conservation and promote a better understanding of the delicate ecosystem that is an integral part of the recreational value of Lake Havasu and the Colorado River.

Water Fest wets appetite for learning

Excerpt: More than 450 students were wowed by hands-on experiments that provided an interactive and fun exploration into groundwater systems, watersheds, water conservation and technology, and the water cycle.

Excerpt: "Being out here and having somebody other than your teacher sharing information and knowledge is an entire different learning experience,” Justice said. “Getting to be out in the Lake Havasu watershed is a pretty cool thing for them.”

Excerpt: “It’s about the experience to be able to do hands on activities, things that we can’t do in the classroom,” Sepulveda said. “We can show them models or read a book, but at the festival they are getting much more of an enriched experience.”

Lake Havasu 4th Graders Learn Importance of Water Conservation

Excerpt: Northern Arizona University teamed up with Lake Havasu City employees to give the students hands-on learning through the use of water conservation projects. One of the projects included how far water travels through sand and dirt.