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Sally Jewell sees progress in Colorado River talks

Excerpt: Interior Secretary Sally Jewell said the United States and Mexico are making important progress in talks on a new accord to share water from the Colorado River, which is badly over-tapped and approaching critical shortage levels.

Excerpt: “The Colorado River is over-allocated. There are more water demands on that river than there are resources,” Jewell said Wednesday during a hike in the newly created Sand to Snow National Monument. “What has been happening in a really powerful way is seven basin states have been getting together outside of politics to say, ‘What are we going to do about this collectively?’ Because we have a problem together that we need to solve.”

Excerpt: The Colorado River and its tributaries provide water for nearly 40 million people and more than 5 million acres of farmland. Overpumping of groundwater has also led to declining aquifers across much of the region.

Excerpt: “If we want to actually have a long-term solution to this incredibly complex issue, we need to keep politics out of it,” she said. “We need to keep the experts at the table. We need to understand each other’s issues and work through those.”

Battle for Water

Excerpt: Here are the people who are improving access to drinking water and helping bring cleaner water to more people across the world

Excerpt: If you had a cup of coffee, a couple of slices of toast and an egg this morning, you also inadvertently consumed around 4000 litres of water – enough for three baths. The water embedded in products is sometimes referred as "virtual water".

Top 10 water trailblazers

Excerpt: Who are the people and pioneers behind grassroots movements, groundbreaking research and government policy that are improving access to drinking water and helping bring cleaner water to more people across the world?

Excerpt: Many spoke of the need for better treatment of wastewater and water management, along with the importance of rainwater harvesting as a key way to ensure local communities have enough water to cook, wash and grow food crops.

Based on their responses, in no particular order, here's our "Top 10 water trailblazers", many of whom AlertNet interviewed.