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Mudshark earns water conservation recognition

Excerpt: Havasuís Mudshark Brewery was recognized on July 17 by Mayor Mark Nexsen, Water Resource Coordinator Doyle Wilson and Water Conservation Specialist Briana Morgan for recent efforts to reduce both its consumption of water and the businessís energy dependency.

Excerpt: Water conservation represents one of the pillars of Havasuís Vision 20/20 Revitalization Plan, which the city will use as a guideline for future economic and community growth over the next several decades. In an economy driven by the Colorado River, water is a resource that Havasuís Vision 20/20 team, which includes Nexsen, intends to protect.

Excerpt: Havasuís Water Conservation Recognition Program began this year, and recipients are recognized each quarter. The first recipient of the award, Beachcomber Estates, was recognized in February.

Mohave County supervisors hire water lawyers

Excerpt: Mohave County Board of Supervisors agreed to a lucrative contract for legal representation and lobbying efforts regarding water issues.

Excerpt: To date, Mohave County has spent $480,000 in a legal fight that went all the way up the judicial chain to the Arizona Supreme Court, which ruled in 2015 the county didnít have the right to block the transfer of water out of the area, approximately 20 miles as the crow flies southeast of Lake Havasu City.

Excerpt: ďMy position is that we need representation at the state level on water issues,Ē said Supervisor Steve Moss adding that the contract did not seek to only protect Kingmanís groundwater, but Lake Havasu and Bullhead citiesí surface water issues as well.

Arizona Water Initiative starts

Excerpt: The Mohave County Board of Supervisors requested the basins here be a top priority, as some of the largest water basins in the state are in the county. The state agreed and Kingman is home to the first of many that will be held in the state to examine the demand for water and the potential challenges in meeting that demand.

Excerpt: While Water Resources will work with local governments on defining the challenges and developing strategies, Mohave County is home to a large farming operation along Stockton Hill Road between Kingman and Pierce Ferry Road, and in Red Lake and Golden Valley. Also, a nut farm is going in off of Route 66 between Kingman and Valle Vista.

Excerpt: Farmers are leaving drought-stricken, heavily-regulated California by the droves and many are heading straight to Arizona, according to Supervisor Buster Johnson.

Sustainable water strategy for business

Excerpt: Slowly but surely the issue of water sustainability is moving up the business agenda, with water strategies set to take their place alongside targets for carbon and energy. This was the overriding message at a recent conference on the global water challenge.

Excerpt: "The main reason water is placed low on a company's sustainability agenda is because the cost is minimal when compared with things like electricity," he explains. "But you can't look at water in isolation; it is intrinsically linked to energy usage and carbon emissions. If you have water-intensive processes, you have to consider the carbon and monetary costs of supplying that water, heating it and treating it after use."

Excerpt: Some companies, mindful that the issue of water scarcity is not one that can be addressed in isolation, are already looking at ways of cutting water use right across their supply chain, while others, most notably big corporations such as Coca-Cola and PepsiCo, are actively collaborating to find ways of using water more sustainably.


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