Lake Havasu City Winter Water Consumption Averaging to Determine Monthly Sewer Charge from May 2019 to April 2020

For those residences that do not have an irrigation meter or do not have an account in which the monthly sewer charge varies with monthly water use, winter water use averaging is implemented to calculate a fixed monthly sewer charge for that customer.

Beginning in the late fall of each year, typically November, domestic water consumption is monitored over a five-month period. Water meters will be read for winter water averaging starting in mid-November to early December, depending on which water meter reading zone you live in. There are four zones and they are expressed as cycles 1 through 4 (please see the table with the map). The two months with the highest consumption is not included with the three other months averaged together.

Those three months are averaged and that result is compared with a sewer monthly rate structure. For residential water use, the base sewer charge is $41.00 if the averaged water use amount is 562 cubic feet or less. The monthly charge increases $7.30 for every additional 100 cubic feet of use.

The new sewer charges that apply to your water/sewer/trash bill will begin with the May 2019 mailing and will continue until April 2020. Please note that the sewer rates given above have not changed in several years.

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Winter water averaging meter read and billing dates 2017-2018.xlsx
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