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Lake Havasu Rebate Program

Rebates for our Residents!

With assistance from a Bureau of Reclamation grant, Lake Havasu City is pleased to offer a rebate program for our residents. While the drought in the Southwest region continues to grow, water conservation efforts must be increased. Please click here for more!.

Summer Water Savings Tips

Summer Water Conservation Tips

Please read our Winter Water Savings Tips! Click here to Download!.

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Northwestern Arizona seeing depleting aquifers
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Lake Havasu Water Savers includes the work of many citizen volunteers. This site would greatly appreciate your feedback, questions, and information regarding Lake Havasu's water resources.

We'd would also welcome your water conservation projects and ideas unique to Lake Havasu City.

Please click here to contact us!

Southern Nevada Water Authority

The Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) is a cooperative agency...
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